ışıklar ambalaj
  • In Kraft packaging business, within the total quality management approach, we are
  • Providing safe goods and services to fulfill the highest level of customer requests,
  • Combining individual skills with the knowledge  and new technologies of our staff to improve and use competitive methods,
  • Improving our products and processes continuously to fulfill the requests and expectations of our customers and employees,
  • Performing all our activities by complying with legal regulations with high sensitivity on environmental issues,
  • Providing continuous training and support self development in accordance with our company goals and objectives,
  • Striving to create a better working environment which will make our employees to be proud of their job and which will increase their level of living,
  • Providing a working environment with high level of occupational health and safety to our staff,
  • Complying with all domestic and international regulatory requirements related to food packaging safety rules
  • Our fundamental goal is to provide a sustainable development as a creative and dynamic organization which always seeks for excellence

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